Instead of building your own app

Join the Network of Emergency Services Providers

Emergency Services Type



Road-side Assistance

How it works?

First; we help you create a Company Profile with the specific service(s) you offer.

Once, the profile is created your company will be allocated a Service Provider Code e.g. “32456”

Your client will download the Respo app and Add your Code as their preferred Service Provider.

When the client is in need of your service they will just simply open the app and select the type of service they need.

After the client sends a request a notification will be sent to the Support Center Respo Dashboard and both the Manager and Supervisor will receive an SMS to ensure that multiple people are made aware of the request.

The request will have the following client’s information: Name, Phone Number, Next of Kin contacts, GPS location, policy, client code or medical aid details and a health profile consisting of allergies, chronic disease and disabilities.

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